Saturday, 8 September 2007

All about little ole me...

... HS-MS today is SPS (Self portrait Saturday- I believe)
I'm not really into one self at the moment - lol. Feeling pretty crappy today actually, very tearful and argumentative and just feeling that everything and everyone is against me, which is silly cause I know they arent, but I cant help that feeling.
So to continue with hs-ms, my photo is self shot! I do have my head down cause I just wanted to show how I feel, hopefully next weeks should be much better...

Can you see all the crafting going on in the background, nightmare, I have my very first wedding fair tomorrow and I'm bricking it. An order of cardstock and flowers hasnt arrived, so I am down on samples and new designs... but I will make do with what I have, hopefully, I'm sure I'll be able to talk my way round it. I have two more fairs after this, so any problems tomorrow I'll certainly be able to sort ready for the others.

Ttfn from a right ole grumpy cow! lol xxx


  1. Good luck with the wedding fair tomorrow and your picture is great. Love the angle.

  2. I love the angle too. The pic does convey the feeling that you area bit sad.

    Good luck with the weddinfg fair tomorrow - I'm sure it will all go well for you!

  3. You could be feeling stress and tiredness. Once tomorrow comes and go hopefully you should feel so much better.

    I do hope that you have a wonderful day.

    You are very honest to share with us how you feel. And your photo does reflect that. It's a very honest photo :)

    But from what I can see your hair look great and your skin peachy :)

    Take care Sue

  4. good luck with the fair tomorrow. Hope you start to feel happier soon

  5. Hi! Know you are busy so thanks for leaving me a message :)

    Try not to let anyone see how scared you are. Just hold your head up and act confident to give the impression that you have done other shows before. You'll have everyone thinking that you have, afterall they won't know any different unless you tell them will they?

    Sometimes you have to be an actress too in this game :D

    Good Luck again

    Sue :)

  6. Great shot. Hope the wedding fair goes well.

  7. **waves to Deanne**
    thanks for playing along with HSMS xx

  8. Aww, so sorry you're feeling down. You still managed to do your photo though :-D

    Good luck for the wedding fair :-)

  9. Sorry you're having a down day but it's really cool that you can use that mood in your self portrait.

  10. Don't apologise for being human! Sometimes it seems like everyone in blogland has perfect lives and perfect houses and NOTHING EVER goes wrong!

    This is a great shot...very Chrissie Hynde ;o)

    Glad the wedding fair went well too !


    You can do things with your photos here.

    Olivia, who hasn't been around for a week or so, uses the option, top left I think, to add a caption to hers.

    Really pleased that the fair went well.

    Bye for now



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