Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Lots and lots

I'll start by showing my HS-MS photo - Absorbed in or involving thought. Show us 'thoughtful' in your space today.
This is a gorgeous photo of my boys, Jack is trying to get Riley involved in his transformers sticker book, and Riley is very interested by the looks of it. Sharing, which is thoughtful me thinks!
In the holiday we went to Salcey Forest for the Tree Top Walk! You really cannot believe how high up you go, we had a great day though, big picnic, slimming world style for me!!! I'm been good!!!
Its quite creepy actually cause if you stand still long enough, you feel the whole walkway swaying! urgh... we walked first and ate after, good job really - lol
Whilst making my lovely fruit salad, I would like to state thankfully that I cut my plums up and never took them to eat whole!!! The reason been...
Well thats all for now folks, have some crafting to show you later today hopefully. x


  1. love the photos...especially the first one of your babies...so cute.

  2. That's a lovely pic of your boys!

  3. Great photos and well done on your SW picnic! What on earth IS that in the plum though?


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