Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Twice in one day

- a record surely -
At fat club today (sorry thats what me and my friend like to call it) we had a taster session of puddings yum yummy...
I made slimming world strawberry ice, which is delicious

and 'non' slimming world friendly - lol - mini carrot cakes, but the recipe is gorgeous, and I managed to make 24 instead of 12 out of the mixture, which only made them 4.5 sins each - yippeeeeee

I am busy working on two wedding cards for an order thats been made and the birth announcements are nearly finished!
Congratulations to Karen and Dave for the birth of their son Callum Joshua, your birth announcements will be on their way shortly. Bless him, he's been in SCUBU but doing okay now, Mum is well but tired

Till tmz. ttfn x

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  1. ooh i do slimming world too, that ice cream looks lovely, would love the recipe if you wouldn't mind....my email is terriefarrell@hotmail.co.uk.....cheeky i know! X


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