Thursday, 20 September 2007


I've been so busy the last week or so, with making up samples and an order for birth announcements, so I thought I'd share the announcements with you.
You know when your really worried they wont like them, well I've been like that for days to be honest but its what they wanted exactly, so I'm sure they'll be fine. Shouldnt worry but I do, especially when you put your heart and soul into making stuff for someone else and when theres 60 of them to do.

They look so simple to do, but the amount of cutting, inking, printing and sticking that goes into them is a nightmare. But they were a bespoke order so hopefully if I get more similar orders I'm make it so they are simpler to produce!

Also, lots of questions re cats head! Once I retrieve it from underneath the TV unit I'll superduperwuperglue it back on, and well out of babies reach! lol
Oh well, time to move everything UP now then x


  1. WOW!!! I know they will love them, who makes that die? it is gorgeous:)

  2. Simple and clean is always the hardest I think. When ripping and doing collage effects whatever you do, right or not, is part of the overall effect. Not so with clean lines.

    They are super and sure that they will be a hit.

    When you make the first of anything either write down or aim to remember just how pleased you were with it. Try to hold on to that as time passes and you become more critcal and the novelty of the new design wears off.

    mmmmm can you tell it happens to me all the time?


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