Friday, 21 September 2007

HS-MS and PND!

HS-MS today is Stare - To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something.
This penguin was taken at the skegness sealife centre in the holidays, he looks in a right world of his own doesnt he. I love penguins though and these three are right old birds! lol

Currently I'm doing a course on postnatal depression.
I don't really want to use my blog to post this type of stuff, but I've felt pretty crappy all week, very tearful, low and really lonely! Which is silly as I have two boys and a fella to keep me occupied but still, I've had that feeling of loneliness which is just horrible.

A handout we received last week is quite funny, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Situation Vacant

FULL TIME POST - Long days, seven days a week, some evenings off!

We are seeking a kind considerate person for this challenging position of parent. No qualifications or experience are required, although you will be asked to perform some of the duties of chef, teacher, nurse, social worker, psychologist, health care assistant, taxi driver, sales representative, manager, entertainer, peace negotiator and nutritionist.
This is an unpaid position. Any successes will be ignored completely, but any small failures will be noticed and commented on by all.

Apply to - New Babies Dept
Storks Store, Infantville

Made me smile anyways x


  1. Love those penguins. Great shot!

    Sorry you're feeling lonely. Hope things look a bit brighter for you very soon. xxx

  2. I love penguins, too - your shot is super. Sorry you're feeling tearful and low - sometimes happens to me for no reason - hope you feel better soon. The situation vacant is so true!

  3. awwww penguins aren't they cute. Love the shot.
    I hope your course helps you to feel better... depression of any kind is a terrible illness. Sorry you are feeling so lonely but try to remember it's the illness that makes you feel that way and it's quite normal.
    sending you big ((((hugs))))


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