Friday, 21 September 2007

What a day!

I don't fancy another day like today in a hurry! I'm shattered.
I had to get Jack to see the emergency dentist at 9am, as his face was all swollen and I knew he needed antibiotics, then drop him off at school.
Then home, then course (which was distressing to say the least!) I wont go into it as its abit raw, but it was very hard today, opening up a can of worms as they say.
I had to leave the course early to go and see Jack receive his praise postcard and I got an extra surprise as he got his superstar award too (photos tomorrow)
Hence due to all the activities, Riley hasn't slept, bar 15mins. He cried throughout most of the creche time too - bless him.
Terry out tonight, just received a worrying phone call from him, but wont go into it, I just hope hes okay!
Thanks Cazz for listening to me ramble on as always. Big hug to you x
Happier day tomorrow - needs to be. x

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