Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I've actually managed to add a photo to my blog header! Wow purely by accident, its one of my recent cards too - must admit it - I love it.
This evening I have been busy and made two cards for the DCM challenge but I will add tomorrow as again too dark at the moment!
A busy day today, Riley had his 7mth check up and he is doing really well, I cannot believe the little chunk meister weighs just over 17lbs and is now 68cms, he'll be taller than Aunty Cazz soon - lmao.
I generally find it emotional going to see the health visitor at the moment! My edingburgh score keeps been high but I'm starting a course on Friday that runs for approx 8 weeks, its aimed to help women deal with Post Natal Depression.
I'm not saying I have it, but I certainly had it before after having Jack, and I am very aware of it now and from time to time feel very very low! But I do have two beautiful boys to keep me going and nothing would stop me doing that. Hopefully this course will provide the help and understanding I need to get through this 'moment' in my life.

Sorry to share something so personal but sometimes its better when its all put down in type!

Oooooooh something I found to put a smile on my face anyway - sadly I am abit of a buffy and angel fan!!!!! Esp James Marsters....

OOh sleep well after seeing that - lmao x

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