Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Happy Halloween Everyone
Here's a card I made for Jack & Riley, very 'o-range'Was a tad annoyed with myself cause I smudged the white pen! That's impatience for you for wanting to tie a ribbon!! Lesson learned.
Jack is off to a friends Halloween party tonight and they are taking him trick or treating. After school he's gonna come home and we are going to carve our two little pumpkins - hehe.
I have my witches bag at the ready by the door waiting for all those little kiddies coming knocking!

Catch up for HS-MS today, so busy yesterday.
Bedroom - Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom? Show us.

I really love big bold wallpapers on a feature wall, too scared to have it downstairs as the cats would probably scratch it off!! eek. This is on the fireplace wall in our room, hard to photo as its quite shiny paper, but I love it.
Drawer - Have you a favourite drawer - be it messy or tidy? So show us xx

Where I use to live, I didn't have one kitchen drawer, now I have 3! yippee - so this one is filled to the brim with kitchen gadgets and cake making stuff!


  1. Love the Hallowe'en card and the witch's hat!

    Ooooh - and another drawer that begs to be rummaged around in!

  2. Oh that looks like a great drawer. have a good time givong treats!

  3. Great catch up and I love the Halloween-card..... Happy Halloween.

  4. nice wallpaper and that drawer is nice. i like the simple handles on it.

  5. Good to have deep kitchen drawers like that - love the wallpaper you've shown. And love the gorgeous cards you did for the DCM challenge.

  6. The wallpaper is just gorgeous and that deep drawer is great. Wish I had one like that in my kitchen.


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