Tuesday, 30 October 2007

What a day!

Busy busy bee today, ended up stopping at the school for a coffee and a chat with some other peeps, chilled at home for awhile before deciding to pop into town at the last minute before picking Jack up from school.
Got him his first halloween costume which was for the beavers party tonight
Jacks quite an emotional little fella so putting this on was a real effort at first, bless him.
Believe it or not Riley is actually mid laughter in this photo but it made me chuckle as it seems like he is screaming...

Tonight was a big night at beavers for these three as they were invested into beavers and got their neck tie and woggle, a very proud moment for all of us parents I think seeing this

Gutted though cause the photo turned out rubbish! Hope yours turned out okay Cazz!

I'm having another go for a design team post, I never succeed but love having a go anyway, there is so much talent out there and I am no where near close but hey. So heres a peek at something I made last night towards my entry.

Too dark to photograph my favourite space in our bedroom by the time I remembered! So will play catch up tomorrow for HS-MS.
Night night x

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  1. Hi Deanne,

    Thought I'd take a trip to your world and look at what you get up to... love the Trick or Treat items above but just got to comment on this about your going in for a DT post. Yes I agree with you that there is tallent out there but disagree that you are no where near, from what I've seen you're tough oposition. Good luck although you don't need it and if they don't choose you then its a fix!!!!!! Their loss too .... :-)


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