Saturday, 20 October 2007

HS-MS ~ Blue & SPS

I'm playing catch up, I had such a busy day yesterday, I was worn out in the evening. Riley had his 7mth check up and he is 'on target' as they say, but my doctor can still hear his heart murmur and said it can just be that he will always have it but wont have any problems with it. We have a follow up hospital appt in November so we'll see then.
HS-MS yesterday was BlueI love this small vase and freesias look perfect in it - one of my favourite flowers.
Today is SPS!! I hate this and have only participated a few times. This morning I woke up feeling like muck! A perfect end to a perfect week!! yeah right, so this photo hopefully shows how flu like I feel - argh poor me.
I do have a special message for some 'friends' of mine, sadly I opened my mouth and admitted that back in the 80's I somewhat liked The HOFF! and dear god have I paid for it since, my facebook is now full (and I'm sure they dont think its full enough) of pictures and videos of The HOFF! So Cazz and F-i-o-n-a watch this space, I'm gonna get ya.... xI'll leave with a photo of my gorgeous little fella who nicely fell asleep on his playmat - bless x


  1. Awwww, how cute is he! Good shot for SPS even though you felt poorly - hope you'll be feeling better soon. Love your vase.

  2. hope you feel better soon... and OMG how cute is your little one:wub:

  3. Ha Ha, Actually Caz and I are too young to remember the "Hoff" man so don't believe all Deanne say's lol. Any way you started it with he is hot!

  4. awwww ... hope you feel better soon.


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