Thursday, 18 October 2007


I've been abit snappy this evening! Need some fresh air me thinks, but its too late in the day to be out walking, so gonna have a good long walk tomorrow me thinks! Seems as Jack is off school we can maybe pop to the local country park for an hour.
I saw this picture and quote and to be honest, it kind of summed up how I'm feeling! sometimes that is... its tiny but I couldnt get it any bigger!

Tomorrow is always a better day (yeah right - not this week it aint - lol)
Off to bed oh and quick ***wave*** to Amanda :-) x Night night


  1. Great quote, I have days when I could relate to that. Enjoy your walk and have a good Friday :-)

  2. I know what you mean!!!! lol
    thanks for your comment on my blog (Autumn card) and yes the leaves are peel offs. I got them from eclipse cards but they dont seem to be online any more !!!!


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