Wednesday, 24 October 2007

HS-MS ~ Chrimbo Cards ~ Altered Art & Flu!!!

I'll start with the latter! I have the flu big time now, what didnt help was Riley waking just before midnight and not going back to sleep till 3am!!! I had to bring him downstairs in the end as he was coughing his guts up bless him, and just when you want to scream cause your ill and so tired, he looked at me and did pat-a-cake, how sweet, bless him.
He's currently asleep in the buggy as we popped to the shop this morning for some fresh air.

HS-MS - This next week will see us finding those little spots around our home that we just love. It might be a corner of a cabinet or it might be a little trinket in a certain room. Today I would like you all to find your favourite spot/piece in your lounge.We've actually just redecorated our living room, so it is my favourite at the moment. New sofa, fireplace, tv, flooring, but I love this end of the room as the cabinet has my lovely NAO figurines in - and I'm loving my new sofa too hehe...
I'm also playing catch up, the last colours in the rainbow were violet and 'pink' was chosen rather than having two purples!!!I am a sucker for filing things, these are just a few of my folders in the house (trust me I have lots more!!! lol)

I've also decided that I love doing my crumpled christmas trees that much, these are going to be my christmas cards that I send out! There great because they use up little bits of your scrap pp, and dont take too much time to make either, heres a couple to show you.
and last of all I quickly altered a box last night, it was just a small blue gift box, a couple of scrap pp later and I came up with this! Bo Bunny ~ earth splatter & Basic Grey ~ sugar plum papers, green button from stash.
Defo got a thing for making distressed flowers at the moment. I may add some rub-ons to the side, I've just ordered some so if I do, I'll post again, as I'm sure it will look very different. Dont know what I'll use it for yet but hey, its crafting right, which is always a good thing.

Thats enough for today! x Till tomorrow


  1. Love the new sofa, Hope that you feel better soon. :~) xx

  2. Those Nao figurines are gorgeous. Love your sofa!

  3. Lovely sofa! Love the crafting you've been doing.


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