Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yummy Goodies & HS-MS

Have you ever hugged a postal box before! Wow I did this morning when Mr Postie came knocking, as soon as I saw the box I knew what lay waiting inside!
B a s i c G r e y . . . ummmmmmm... My self addressed kit was running late this month due to them waiting on an item.
I actually stood for a moment and hugged my box!!! strange but true, and when I opened it, I hugged it all the more ~

How scrummy yummy does all these goodies look ~ the mellow and recess range from BG

HS-MS today is the hallway ~ Whats your favourite spot.Well our hallway leads to the kitchen and living room, so this is the other space that has recently been decorated - a few times!!! The wood was originally pink gloss when we moved in with blue carpet and woodchip walls - a nightmare I can tell you. We stripped and stained the wood, that made the hallway look too dark so we then white glossed it all, and now we love it, another space in home I'm pretty proud of - thanks honey hehehe x

Still full of the flu, at the stage where I'm coughing up lovely 'green stuff' :-( x


  1. oh i can just imagine what it looked like before. great job (^_^) hope you fell better soon.

  2. Gosh what a nice and tidy space, I love your kit, i have been waiting 3 weeks for a parcel and when it comes i think i will be like you cuddling it, how sad are we hahaha hope that you fell better soon. :~) xx

  3. I hug ALL my parcels, nothing odd about it at all! :-) Your hallway is beautiful and it looks like you could eat your dinner off that floor it's so shiny and clean, I'm very jealous. x

  4. Hey Deanne, I saw your post on Lauren's blog and I live in Florida and would be happy to share a key-lime pie recipe with you, check my blog I will post the recipe there!

  5. this is the perfect hallway, just what i imagine a hallway should look like


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