Tuesday, 16 October 2007

HS-MS ~ Orange

I'm very late putting this up today, but I've had yet another one of those days!
Jack had a dentist appt for two fillings, he sat there really good whilst his mouth was been injected and then he cried and wouldnt let them do the cleaning and filling bit!! so now they are saying he is going to have to have 'two' teeth removed via the hospital - I'm really thinking about getting a second opinion.. I was so angry and upset, you obviously want the best for your child and Jack not been co-operative didnt really help, so he got more upset when he saw that I was upset and it went on and on from there.
But well - this is my life at the moment, always a drama!!! Bless him.
Although he did get some good news, after the half term holidays he is going to be invested into beavers which is great, cause then he can have his uniform and start doing his badges - so I dare say they'll be photos of my proud little un on here very soon.
Anyways HS-MS ~ Orange, following on from red in the rainbow Bit of a dark photo but I had to wait so you would see it light up Orange! lol
This was Jacks and its one of the very few baby items I kept for some reason (even thinking/knowing back then I would certainly have no more children!!! Yeah right, got that wrong - lol) Riley loves this piano though - bless him.
No crafty bits to show at the moment, be back tmz x


  1. i think it's better that it's dark so the orange popped out (^_^)

  2. The orange certainly shows up - what a great shot


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