Monday, 15 October 2007

HS-MS ~ Red

Todays challenge on HS-MS is the colour Red. One of my favourite books is this one! Once you start reading about the red shoes, you are truly hooked to this amazing little girl.
*EDITED BIT* ~ Most of the comments left are about not hearing of this particular book, so here is a link about the author and of course Hannah ~ if you get to read it, please let me know how it affected you?

I havent updated at all over the weekend, been a tad busy or had my mind on other things.
Friends came over Saturday night and we had a chinese ~ yum yummy yum ~ I had a couple of glasses of wine and found myself giggling for quite a while (can you tell the Mummy in me doesnt drink anymore - I only need half a glass and I'm gone!)
Sunday was visiting Terrys dad as he had a knee op awhile ago, so cant really get about, so we visit him every weekend and then just back to the general bore of household chores!
Right off to do some crafting and laundry! If they can possibly be done together that is.


  1. Great picture. Didn't know the book. Maybe I'll read it!

  2. Don't know the book - one I'll put on my list - great response to the prompt.

  3. Great take on the word and I understand about the half glass of wine that's all it takes me too. Sad really. x

  4. I'm afraid I'm more 'a couple of bottles' than half a glass! lol

    Love your shot. Book sounds interesting.

  5. Looks like a fab book.

    Laundry and craft do not really go together unfortunately. I have often tried to combine the two LOL

  6. That sounds like my weekend Deanne!

    Interesting book, might have to check that out - I have a few on the go at the moment.

  7. Looks like you had a great weekend. I also do not know the book but will put it on my list. Great take on the prompt!

  8. Great idea for the prompt... will have to check out that link as I've not heard of that book either :D

  9. nice book... must read it one day! :D

  10. great take on the word
    I've not heard of that book either, but have the feeling I need to hunt it out for a read :)


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