Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bad Girls Christmas Workshop

The Bad Girls are running a fantastic Christmas Workshop this weekend.I'm hopefully going to join in as many of the 12 FREE classes as I can, as they look and sound fantastic. If you've never been over to BAD GIRLS go check them out, a really inspirational forum. Sadly you have to go on the waiting list for the monthly kit. Grab yourself a blinkie though and you could be up for a chance of winning a RAK over the weekend. 16th - 18th Nov.

Typically though I never go out, and myself, Terry and our friends Cazz and Mark are all off to Nandos for a mexican meal and then we're going to hit the town!!! I'll probably be found asleep somewhere about 10 oclock - lol.
My parents are coming down to babysit so I can relax abit more (I dont have babysitters - except for Cazz - as I dont trust anyone with my boys!) and me and Terry might make a night of it and stay out somewhere, while we have the opportunity, why not - hehehe.

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