Monday, 12 November 2007

HS-MS, Potatos and website!

Firstly HS-MS today is 'Almost' not quite or very nearlyVery nearly a day without a bump slip!! (It is dark so I'll try and do photo again in the morning, but you get the idea)
Bless Jack, playing pretend power rangers fighting in the playground! and then goes and falls over and scuffs his face off. The school rang to pre-warn me but also to say he was a-ok.

Its amazing whilst cooking dinner and literally turning your back for one moment to stir the casserole what kids, especially babies get up too!!

Umm want another!

Finally found some spare time over the last few days to update my website properly, still have a few baby gift photos to do, the main part is done, take a peek and let me know what you think, good or bad - please.
Here's another new addition to my site
Night night for now, hopefully back to crafting now that the website is done. x

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  1. Ooo, bless him, thats a nasty old graze he's got there. Lol at yor little one and the potatoes!


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