Thursday, 8 November 2007

HS-MS ~ Confused & Anxiety

Confused ~ This is something we can be almost everyday.Some may know that I currently go to slimming world, I have 'all' the books, but I get so bothered by the fact that one day I'm into it and the next day I'm eating a pack of biccies!!! Confused - I am!!!

Anxious ~ Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eagerThe only anxiety in this family is 'me', I worry about 'everything' and I mean 'everything'!
I've said before that I currently attend a group for PND, which has helped so much, but it does make me more anxious talking about it and realising what I am going through - but most certainly not alone. (I like how the photo turned out pretty grey actually, because thats what PND is to me - a grey feeling)


  1. Great catch up and particularly relate to your 'anxious' interpretation. I suffered with PND after having both my children but, thankfully, recovered. Keep up with the support group, they can be really helpful. x

  2. I sympathise with you about the PND... My big sis suffered terribly after the birth of her second child. Luckily, I didn't suffer from it at all after any of my three children.

  3. Hay its great that you can talk about it, we have all had pnd at some time it,s just some of choose to addmit to it some just live with it, i had pnd and post tramatic stress after i had my little boy ,i know people tell you this and say you will get better you think ya when will it be ,but you will come through and the bad days will become more good days ,just take it a day at a time ,just hang in there ,i am realy proud of you going to your group ,take care ,Dawnxx

  4. Sending you hugs for the anxiety.

  5. Great interpretation of both, sending you a hug for your anxiety too.

  6. Great catch up photos.

    I am going through a bit of this too after having my daughter 3 months ago. I felt like I was being held hostage by my own feelings/emotions. It's scary. I am glad that you're getting support and its helping. Hope things look up soon!

  7. Love the diet photo :) I look around and most of us are struggling with some, in some cases more than others, excess weight. Be kind to yourself. In the end only you can.

    PND. Wasn't so much recognised 15 years when my son was born as it is today. Another great move forward for wommen in the "medical world". Get everything you can to help you and my best advice would be learn to ask for whatever it is you need if not it is not offered.

    I am still learning today but over time have learn't to ask more and more.

    I admire your strength at mentioning this.

    ((hugs)) . . . . Sue


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