Friday, 9 November 2007

HS-MS ~ Disturbed

Disturbed ~ A feeling you get when something unexpected happens

Theres nothing more disturbing than putting the baby to sleep and the bloody phone ringing!!!

Today has been a mixture of feelings:
Riley had his hospital apppointment this morning, I waited an hour! for a 2 minute consulation of 'His scan was normal, we'll discharge him now' !!!

It was then my last group session of the PND variety, so there are a few mixed bag of feelings going around my head at the moment, accompanied by a migraine - great.

Jack then received another praise postcard and stood in assembly with his friend Jake to show his beavers certificate,necker and toggle.
Then I had to drive him to his dads!! Another story altogether!

To then come home to Tel still poorly and whos now in bed as he is working all weekend.

I have plans tomorrow though - and hopefully I am going to fulfill them, so watch this space.


  1. Glad the scan was normal, but all that waiting around is so frustrating (as a child I had many, many hospital appointments and have lots of memories of sitting around, usually undressed with just a blanket round my shoulders!)

  2. So pleased today went well.

    Love your phone . . . mines like something out of the ark much to my teenage children's annoyance :)

    Totally get the disturbed take today :)

    Bye for now . . . . Sue

  3. glad the scan results were good:)


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