Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Christmas Journalling & Oooh Its my BIRTHDAY...

Firstly - Journalling - Finally some photos.
I'm really enjoying Shimelles class so far - I am a day behind, I still have the 'cards prompt' to do for yesterday and I've only just received todays, which is 'perfect christmas'! Thats one to sit down and think about.

Prompt One - ManifestI sooo love buttons at the moment. Due to this been my first time at journalling, I want to try and keep it clean and simple - to begin with at least - All I've stated that I want to do, is have a memory to look back at with my family about our christmas this year.
I'm enjoying it that much though I can certainly see myself joining in again and again and we're only 4 days into it.
It is only a small journal, although I will be able to do double pages, its only 7.5" x 5.5" approx, I wanted to start off small as I didnt want to scare myself too much - lol. I will be adding transparency pages too though for extra texture!
My main aim - to finish the journal.

Prompt Two - Winter weather - Snowflakes

Again along side the love of buttons, I love handstitching too. This page is busy enough with the paper alone, so I just added a few buttons, doodling and handstitching and I'm happy.
Sadly though we dont get much snow here, and most certainly not on christmas day!!

And to prove I'm a winter baby - Today is MY birthday - a HUGE and MASSIVE 33 years old!!!
I was greeted by Jack 'Happy Birthday Mummy - Can I have my breakfast' lmao
Tels at work so will proper celebrate it tonight, but he did leave me my card this morning and can you believe that I actually walked past it to begin with - lol

Its massive - like my age
My friend Cazz came round this morning and I got some scrummy pressies - esp the tins!! hehe and I like the inside of her card that much I thought I'd share it - lol

Aww bless - thats me by the way - the card supplier - as if you hadnt guessed - lol
Normal day really, school run, bathing riley, bla bla bla - rubbish - till Tel comes home anyway.


  1. many happy returns..delayed as ive only just read your wonderful blog.the christmas journal looks fun. see you friday amanda x

  2. i really like the hand-stitching on the weather page, very pretty!

    and i adore your manifesto with the buttons.

    buttons are the best!


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