Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Well -

I had some fabby pressies yesterday, from smellies to trainers to dvds/cds and an adopted elephant! I really have a passion for ele's.
To really top my birthday off, most of the peeps I know knew an even bigger pressie I was going to get - a surprise one -
Next saturday I'll be staying here

Jurys Kensington 4 star hotel in London - eek
and the reason - because we'll be seeing this

I am so excited, Cazz is having Riley, Jacks away, so we'll be shopping and sight seeing (I've only ever been to London a handful of times so this is going to be brilliant and really special), a meal in the hotel before the show, drinks after and sightseeing again on the Sunday before home.

I cannot thank you enough baby, thank you thank you thank you, and huge thank you's to Cazz and her family for having my little fella for me. He is going to be spoilt rotten by all six kiddies, he wont be short of attention thats for sure.


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  1. That's lovely and your friend Cazz sounds like a really wonderful, individual! I hope you really appreciate her! Glad to hear you've adopted an elephant, have you heard what they do after the 12 months are up? We've got a lovely ivory coffee table after adopting one ourselves! lol


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