Friday, 28 December 2007

One very poorly boy

Baby Riley had us up the majority of the night, full of a cold but also, amazingly he got his FIRST TOOTH yesterday, so add that to the cold and the little fella isn't a happy chappy to say the least. Bless him...

Jack didn't sleep much either, with Riley crying and having bad dreams himself as he's still too not well, and he's off for a dental appt today!!!! Daddy's had to take him so I can be at home with Riley...

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  1. AHHH poor Riley & Jake!
    I think Christmas should be moved to the summer..LOL.
    As everyone seems to get ill this time of year!!!something to do with the short days!!
    I work with the under 5s and have to say that the lack of daylight really does effect their immunity and their mood!
    MINE TOO ... LOL!!!
    Hope that your boys are feeling better soon. x.x.


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