Thursday, 20 December 2007

Thats it for me!

I'm nearly all done, bar two diarys, and some figgy puds, all the handmade christmas goodies will be over and done with! yahoo. I'm sketching my christmas journal daily, getting photos or the artistic challenge ready to be scrapped.
Tomorrow is my final trip to town, last few presents and a new coat for me. We did a HUGE food shop earlier so will only pop out on Sunday or Monday for the fresh fruit and veg and thats it!
Me, Us, done for Christmas. On time, on target, very happy person sitting here - well after I'd got Riley off to sleep that is.
Which is now where I am going to retire too. So night night and rather than this post be bare, I'll leave you will pizza boy!!!! Or I'll eat anything thats going boy!!!

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