Tuesday, 18 December 2007


It was fat club party tonight! I made scrummy carrot cakes again, cazz did the ole crackers, cheese and pate and Steph made sausage roll - slimming world style - yum yum!

Seems as it was a party, we wore hats, well only us pair! Oh well at least we were festive

Now before you have a go Cazz for putting this piccy up, take a peek at me!!! I look like I'm bloody straining for something!!! lol
To top the evening off, I yes me, actually won the bloody raffle - a miracle, I picked the huge 'curry book' yum yum cant wait to try that out!

I'm up so late cause I started blitzing the kitchen! and wrapping some pressies! Now very much off to bed-e-byes. ttfn


  1. Thanks for the MATE!! Just tell me how come you look so much taller than me in this pic? lol

  2. hi, you look really good and happy may it continue each day. have good christmas, amanda x

  3. I dont know what you are talking about ..you look fab.
    Slimming world is fab... I really must get off my fat arse and get back to the club!!!! LOL!!!


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