Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Heres to it - a different year, a new year, new beginnings.
Last night we spent time with friends, its hard to believe that we have known each other for only a year-ish. We are best buddies and in and out of each others houses all the time. Great to be part of someone elses household, I love it. All the kiddies drinking their snowballs!!!! Very mild ones of course (note to self must remember to remove red eye before printing!)
and one poorly Riley
We drank abit, played on the Xbox 360 dancemat, the Wii guitar hero and then amazingly there was a bloody powercut, which had the kids in fits of screams, us running around looking for torches and candles and then thankfully the power came back on.
The kids ran outside shouting Happy New Year up and down the street, we left Jack to sleep at his mates house, we came home and slept! lol

I have lots of crafting planned already

  • I'm doing a weight loss journal, which will be a LO once a month with my progress on it.
  • I'm taking part in the 365 days that Anna Louise Bowkis is running.
  • I'm still participating in the 50 Winter Challenge, that ends Feb 29th
  • I started my mini book today with Jen Hall, this ends Jan 31st
  • I'm going to make sure my Christmas Journal with Shimelle is completed
  • and as per usual, I'll be keeping UTD with challenge blogs for cards and LO

Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it all, but I've started my first Weight LO, just awaiting photo, I've started my front cover for Jen Hall.

but now we are getting moving to go have din dins round friends.

Happy New Year again xxxx

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