Saturday, 26 January 2008

365 days, Jen Hall & HS-MS

Well its been a busy crafting morning, mind you I have been up since 6.30am!! Thanks Riley...
I've done my first LO for 365 days, I forgot as I was doing it that you were suppose to use a photo from Week one, but I've used the photo from Day 8!!! Oh well never mind.
I also scrap lifted one of Anna Louise Bowkis LOs because I just adored it. No where near as good as Anna's but I'm happy with it.

Did you spot the obvious mistake!! I was too hasty and couldnt wait for the glue to dry on the buttons before I took the photo - lol.

I've been so busy doing other things, I got way behind with Jens class, but I'm nearly up to date now, I really love the simplicity of this class but the results are amazing, I'll certainly be using this style over and over again. Heres a few to see nowI'm a dinner table crafter as you can see!!!!

HS-MS is sps day today! Heres another from my 365 days experience.

Lots more to show, but I'll leave that till tomorrow. x


  1. WoW Sooo many wonderful layouts :-)

    Love the dining table shot too :-)

    Great sp today in the corner of the mirror. Neat idea not seen done before!


  2. Hi Deanne,

    I am still loving Jen's class too. Fabulous interpretations!


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