Sunday, 13 January 2008

Busy Bee's

I've been a busy bee the last few days, my head space was taken up by a challenge, which I believe is half done, just waiting for confirmation regarding the other half!
I know you may be looking and thinking 'What the hell is all that about' its part of my family life happenings, but it feels good to write it down!
So anyway, my little fella Jack is going to be 6 tomorrow! Tonight we took him and his friend Jake bowling, the evening started at McDonalds (I realise now why I dont go there often, I actually dont like it!!! But I always forget that until I'm in there ordering!! lol) They had a fabby time all round me thinks, their faces glowed and they screamed out loud when all the lights went down! Bless um...

Jake has become a huge spongebob squarepants fan, his favourite character been Patrick, I believe at the moment I said say 'cheese' he said something more along the lines of Patrick, hence the look!!! lolHow cool do they look - hehehe xA little direction help from Daddy. About five go's from the end of the night, both boys were throwing their own bowling balls down the alley - Brilliant.Crap photo but the lights were cool!

Thats it from me, Jacks off to see Panto tomorrow, so we'll be doing his pressies in the morning and cake early evening. I love his birthday, I get all sentimental. x

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