Thursday, 24 January 2008

Home Crafting & HS-MS

Home crafting - Whats that I hear you say! WEll its when you take everything out of little un's bedroom and then have to figure out how to put it all back in!!! Thats a craft form in itself!!!
Well its not all going back in thats for sure... hence I have for sale quite a few items, some never used, so brand new. So if you have someone thats interested in Postman Pat, TMNT, Power Ranger etc email me and i'll send you pics of what I have! I also have over 40 (yes 40) Grolier Disney Childrens Books for sale - email for a list if interested in any.

On to HS-MS - Overflow - Flow over the brim of a receptacleWhy is this overflow, cause they take up over half a cupboard - You know when your looking for something in particular, well thats me, I still havent found the spice rack I want yet!

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  1. There's a gap in the market here for decent looking spice bottles and racks for the modern kitchen.

    I can NEVER find what I am looking for in my cupboard . . . why? . . . because the spice I want is ALWAYS at the back :-D

    GREAT take on todays prompt . . . Clever :-)



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