Wednesday, 23 January 2008

365 days of me, HS-MS & New Tricks!

I finally found a small notebook that I want to use for my 365 day Journal. Its a pink fabric bound unlined notebook. I found it cheap in Woolworths. I covered it with patterned paper, lace, flowers, numbers and some bling!
I'm happy with it, I'm going to jot down the daily prompts and how I feel, the weather, what I'm up to that day etc - I'll also alter some of the pages, cant wait to get started now. My photos will either be LO's or I may do something with all of them at the end of the year!
HS-MS - Tube - A hollow, usually cylindrical body of metal, glass or plastic used especially for conveying or containing liquids or gases. Not a fantastic photo, but I kinda like how 'impulse' is clear and the edges are blurred.
Riley's new trick!You may just be able to notice that he is actually standing in a basket!! He trys to get the books of the bookcase and he's learnt that if he gets in the basket it flings him forward more!!! nightmare child - lol
He is currently asleep, he hasnt slept all day due to the carpet man making lots of noise this morning, Riley hates any noise like banging, the hoover and especially my hairdryer!!


  1. Oh I remember that old 'fling the books out of the bookcase trick' LOL! Lovely notebook:-)

  2. i bet my nightmare child is worse than yours..... i got stories that will make you think he is an angel.
    I like your tube! Very creative.

  3. oh snap... I have a nightmare child too, he can get everywhere!!! I was so spoilt with my first who was as good as gold and never touched anything... Harry is the complete opposite, but he is sooooo damn cute, he gets away with it!!!

  4. Great picture of the impulse, I love the colours. x

  5. Awww, but he's just soooooooo cute!! :)

    Love your notebook/journal - it's so pretty. The Impulse shot is fabby!


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