Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Its part of our everyday lives now isnt it. Collected once a fortnight (nightmare in summer!) and now our council is bringing in waste food boxes too, that will be the fifth box or bin to the collection!
On a good note though, I'm finally just getting into it. I have a routine with separating everything bla bla.
On a crafting note, all of our christmas and recent birthday cards have all either been cut up to recycle onto future cards or are currently sitting in the 'red paper box'.
With a little inspiration from the girls over at Buttonberry I've found some cotton bags and ordered them. I love this idea, I'm going to make a few for Mum and the rest for future craft fairs. Whenever I'm in the supermarket these days I find myself buying a 'bag for life'.
I'll show you as soon as I've finished them.
Cazz I gonna need your sewing machine!!! hehehe If I enjoy using it, I'll have to invest in one for myself.
Well hope that didnt bore you to death but nothing else to share today, other than broken floorboards and our bedroom looking like a storage box!
TTFN, will defo be back with more crafting goodness over the next few days.

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