Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Today & HS-MS

I've been doing a fair bit of crafting the last few days but nothing I can show at the moment, all projects that are underway.

This evening however, it was back to front day at beavers!
HS-MS today is Think - An Idea or opinion appearing in your mind.
Jacks thinking is 'If I drink this milkshake really really slowly, I wont have to go to bed just yet!' Bless him.


  1. great photo, love his way of thinking, i did things like that as a kid.

  2. I used to ask for a hot water bottle before going to bed... it used to delay things for a few minutes whilst the kettle boiled.
    Now I don't need any persuading to go to bed... LOL!!!

    great take on the prompt


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