Friday, 15 February 2008

Daily News & HS-MS

HS-MS today is Forgiveness - Sometimes called 'Patience': Resolving conflict peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive, to show mercy to sinners.You may look at this picture and think 'What does this have to do with Forgiveness!'
Well alot - Riley is teething - quite badly - at the moment, and he's not let Mummy have much sleep for the last 3 nights, and I cant catch up in the day, cause he's cat napping (which he never normally does)
Hence the cat nap photo - he wont be like this for long, and I look at him now and I think how can Mummy lose her patience when you look so gorgeous.

So forgive me Riley, for getting upset when you've been constantly screaming in my ears for three hours!!! Love you lots baby x

On a more crafty note - of course - I got this lot off the postie this morning. Not gonna tell you what its for till its done, and I have a month!! Its a project all for me, I must admit though I laughed and laughed at myself this morning as I thought it was going to be a small project! Oh how WRONG was I!!!!!!!! lol

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  1. Such a super photo and a great take on forgiveness. Sleep depravation is so hard to handle.

    Love you new blog template, VERY clever and fabulous effect :-)

    A friend said this to me when my kids were young . . . even as teens it still applies.

    Children look so sweet when they are sleeping that you could eat them . . . and when they awake you wish you had!!!

    Always made me smile :-)


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