Sunday, 17 February 2008

Up Up and Away

I'm off for a few days to take the boys to visit Nanny, Pop Pop and Megan.
A well deserved break I am hoping for and a start to finish on some projects I'm taking with me! I have a craft fair on May Day so I have lots of plans for new crafty goodness to be on my stall.

I am gutted though, please check (this post) regarding raising funds for Ellie Wiseman.
Well finally at our Slimming World group we are having a fundraising night, donations towards jacket potatoes, peeps are bringing in fillings and then there's a raffle - and guess what - yes - I'm not going to be there - I am seriously gutted.
I have been busy though and I've made these towards the rafflealong with some covered notebooks and handmade card packs, couple bottles of wine and anything else arty I can lay my hands on whilst tidying up before I leave for Sunny Freezing Mablethorpe!!!
Did I tell you that I was gutted I wouldnt be there!!! Thanks Cazz for been with me on this one and been able to voice at out the group for me - you go girl - am gutted though!! lol

Riley has finally cut his front tooth - I actually know the exact time it happened too, 3.30am with a huge scream and tears, cuddles and rub to his back soon got him back off again, thats four now!! and the other two top ones are nearly through too - bless him, no wonder why he's been so grumpy.

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to (Sue Nicholson) for a couple of things, firstly a comment she left on my blog yesterday made me chuckle lots, it was from my HS-MS Forgiveness prompt
'Children look so sweet when they are sleeping that you could eat them . . . and when they awake you wish you had!!!'
Also I have her book 'Simply Sensational Scrapbook Cards' which gave me some much needed inspiration for some Christening cards I was making as keepsakes for an order I was doing. I took my treasure LO of Riley and some ideas from her book and managed to make 10 individual cards. Here's one - Last night was our official Valentines night, nice dinner, candle light, wine glass (filled with carlsberg lol) crackers from Tesco which had little sparklers and a love trivia game - very blah blah but a bit of fun and gingerbread made by moi! See you soon x

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