Monday, 25 February 2008

My Day & HS-MS

Well its my fellas birthday today - a whopping 29 - we spent the morning chilling after having a lovely meal last night at The Boat Inn in Stoke Bruerne. I can only recommend this restaurant, if you live in Northamptonshire or close by, go there, its gorgeous. A small restaurant up above the gorgeous public bar, we were lucky enough to have the canal side seating, which made it extra special. The food was delicious, served beautifully and the service was second to none.
Thank you so much to my honey Cazz for babysitting for us - meant alot. x

This afternoon we popped along to Fermyn Woods Country Park had a cuppa, then a lovely long walk with the boys, played footy, frisbie and in the new play park, which is great.
The first time Jack went on one of thesewas in Cornwall last year and when it got to the end, he let go!!! and abrutly came flying off. So hence me shouting, dont let go, dont let go. He didnt - bless him, I'm surprised he was laughing that much I couldnt believe he held on.

Riley loved the swing, he was making the funniest giggling noise - lolI'm choosing this photo for HS-MS SOS because I just really like the colours in the photo and sharp the berries actually look lol
(Edited - I believe it looks better on my documents, but looks pretty rubbish on my blog - oh well lol)
Whilst all this was going on, Beef Hotpot was in the slow cooker and ready for when we got home and this is a piccy of Tels homemade birthday cake!!! It was actually scrummy.More amazing news today - I can now share I have my allotment, I'm so excited, I went and picked it, paid my annual fee, got my key, so The Good Life starts from here lol
I really cannot explain how excited I am, I have books, some seeds, but I need to do a fair bit of tidying up and getting hold of a farmer to rotivate it for me bla bla bla
I'll update with photos as I go along of course! lol

More amazing news tomorrow!!! Hopefully. x

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