Tuesday, 26 February 2008

'Yesterday' & Lauren's Sketch

Well 'yesterday' was a day and a half!!!

Tel was buying himself a dog for his birthday, it will of course end up been mine!! hehehe
Something wasnt quite right over the weekend and yesterday was the funniest thing ever. To a very long story short its called a dog scam!! from Cameroon....
If you are ever purchasing a dog - and the phone number is 070 - dont ring it!! Its part of the scam.

To end on a happy note, after much searching, I 'think' and stress 'think' we may have found one, only born a couple of days ago but its in Somerset!! Nearly four hours away, but like I said, its worth the journey - have a little weekend away - view her, and then go to collect her in 8 weeks. I personally think its worth it, she's from a very reputable breeder and the kennels is gorgeous. That's my main concern.

Oh its a Yorkshire Terrier we're after by the way. I've always been a boxer dog type of girl and when my Jade sadly died (only five days after Jack was born!!) it broke my heart, it really did, she was my little girl and nothing could replace her. Oddly I dont like little dogs, I never saw the point in them.. but since having Riley, I love pink (I mean I am not a pink person) and I've gone mad on little doggies... What's happening to me, I feel I'm slowly turning into a Stepford Wife - lol - yeah right lmao.
Will update regarding that though.

Was going to go to my allotment this morning to start clearing up some junk and it tipped it down on the way home from the school run! So I did Laurens Saturday Sketch instead.I just did a plain-ish pink card as a couple of friends are getting married this weekend, one secretly too!!! Ooooh


  1. I love your version of "plain-ish" its beautiful. Makes a perfect wedding or engagment card. Great soft colors too. Thanks for playing along

  2. Good luck with getting the puppy Deanne. Love your wedding card. Very elegant!


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