Friday, 21 March 2008

A jolly Good Friday...'s been today!
Jack and I did some spiffing easter crafts today, we spent a good few quality hours together which I wanted so badly. I feel so crap sometimes that we dont do as much 'together' as we did, but its obviously down to him now been at school and Riley coming along and basically having a busier family home to run.
We enjoyed ourselves though, lots of lovely sticky glue, bits of scrap card and chocolate! resulted in these fabulous crafts - our very first Easter Tree -
Easter BasketChirpy cheep cheep
Jacks school Easter bonnet (he doesnt look too happy as he had been told off about 30 seconds prior to taking the pic! lol - bless)
Jack is now at his Nannys for the weekend. Tomorrow is a very special day! Tomorrow we are picking our new puppy up, I am super excited.

Thats it from me, on a sad note, my Aunty passed away, I do believe she is in a better place x


  1. My condolenses Deanne, she will be in a much better place now.

    Your easter tree looks wonderful, all colourful and bright - perfect fro spring a ding ding. ;)

    Hope your new puppy is settling in okay today. :)

    Debbie x

  2. Didn't you both have a lovely time and the tree looks stunning Jack. Hope the Easter Bunny leaves lots of Eggs for the boys.

    Condolences to you, your mum and all the family on your Aunt's passing. At least she is now out of pain and hopefully the pain you are all feeling now, will soon ease.

    Dee X

  3. Love the Easter Tree Deanne. You and Jack did a great job.

    Sorry to hear about your aunty. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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