Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Clearing and sorting -

- just clearing and sorting...
Thats all I've done this week really, sort out rubbish, sort out stuff for the loft, sort out stuff for the tip, just sort sort sort...

I've managed finally to convince Tel to purchase me the desk I wanted for the utility room!!! Sound strange - not so really - I am a dining room table crafter and it annoys the hell out of me as I know it does Tel - cause I hate packing my bits away - dont we all!
So our utility room needs a lick of paint (and plaster lol) its a very small room but i'm gonna make it as crafty as I can - the desk is brilliant, it pulls out when you want it and pushes back when you dont!! I will update with photos once done - I cant wait. Hopefully it will mean, all my crafty goodness can stay out of the way of the normal run of the household.
I have chosen 'pink harmony' for the feature wall so just want to get it done now - have to wait for Tel to plaster it first though - Come on... lol

I'm back on track with my Slimming World today - considering really! I've done really well and made a scrumptious dinner - Free beef casserole and Healthy Extra wedges!!I'm trying to keep myself occupied with awaiting news regarding my Aunty - so here is todays HS-MS - Peg - A clasping device used to hang or hold down.These are my un-altered pegs - another thing on the to-do list.

Right I'm off to keep myself going - night night, thank you for looking at me and my life x


  1. your dinner looks yummy! nice shot on those pegs too (^_^)

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