Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Just little ole me -

- Tels still on nights :( Could do with him tonight to be honest - tad lonely - but hey - needs must and all that.

We've been given the bad news that my Aunty wont last the night - I find it difficult to say anything about it at the moment as I feel angry for some reasons and upset for the obvious. I dont think I can really go into why I feel angry! but we all have families and I'm sure we've all felt that at these sad times! Sometimes when families are suppose to be together, they are actually more distant than ever!! Surprising but true!!!
Life can be really shite sometimes cant it.

To try to lighten this post here's my take on HS-MS
Blanket - Fabric sheeting to cover, warm and disguise. We all have blankets - which is your favourite?
This is Rileys favourite blankie - I've edited it to be antique because I think I'm gonna be keeping this for years to come! lol
Books - Bounded collection of pages or to determine a reservation - give us books!
Crap result at fat club tonight - back on it tomorrow for sure - x

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