Saturday, 29 March 2008

Update -

- on my earlier post today.
The rest of the day went well - alright it went okay - still had 'water bowl' issues, but nothing a baby gate high enough for the dog to get under didnt sort out!! lol
The measures we go to eh!!!

I gave my matey her pressie in the 'red paper bag'I've been playing with that bloody photo editor again, I know I'm pretty crap at it but its fun all the same.
Anyways my matey Cazz has a real lack of confidence with driving - but shes got back behind the wheel and is trying a bit of driving one step at a time - Well done honey - Proud of ya
Glad you liked your pressie xxx

Tonight we bathed the puppy!!! He is adorable but does get mucky!!! lolBless he looks like a drowned rat lol
Thats it for tonight folks x

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  1. Hi Hun... thank you for your comments on my weight loss blog...and, No I havent tried the slimming world cheese cake, but would very much like to! yum !

    your letter C is gorgeous...and Wicket is adorable.


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