Saturday, 29 March 2008

Can I start again!

Its 10.22am and I've been wanting to start my morning again since about - 7.45am -
Can I do that - Can I really turn back time to make the day start better?
Does it really work if I jump back in bed and get out the other side?
Or do I have to just ignore it and get on with it and deal with it and forget it and start again that way.
Just so's you understand what the hell I'm going on about

  • Riley holding Wickets water bowl - water over the floor
  • Riley with Jacks juice - juice over the floor
  • Riley with Jacks new juice - new juice over the floor
  • Riley with Wickets breakfast - doggie biscuits must be tasty to a 14mth old!
  • Riley dunking his biscuit in Wickets fresh water bowl
  • Riley holding Wickets water bowl - water over the floor (dont worry I'm not going mad - I'm not repeating myself - it really did happen - AGAIN)
  • Oooh and Riley in the cupboard with Mummys baking ingredients!
Right so now its 10.28am - my day has now officially started!!!
Riley is in bed, Wicket is asleep, Jack is on the DS and Tel is in bed (nightshift) and I yes I am having a well deserved cup of cha...

I've been updating my 365 days for a few days now - catching up slowly but am enjoying it.

I have a pressie for my friend
this sneek peek will kill her - hahaha...


  1. AWW Riley! Bless him LOL. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I've updated it with a link to the bubbles you asked about. xx

  2. Sorry you're having such a bad day Deanne. Hope it's got better for you!

    Just to let you know the bag arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you, it is even lovelier in the flesh!

  3. I'll be round in about an hour for a brew can let off steam

  4. UPDATE...Been round Deanne's and I love, love, love my pressie...thanx honey!!


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