Friday, 28 March 2008

Wet Weather

Theres so much I need to do - outside - but can't - due to the wet miserable weather :(
So what have I been up too today!
  • More crafting for craft fairs coming up
  • Playing with Riley and his very noisy pirate ship
  • Jacks celebration assembly - they were singing about a crocodile and he also took his certificate and medal from the crazy hat walk - bless him.
  • I've done pretty crap with Slimming World - just way too much choc in the house and I have no and I mean NO will power when it comes to chocolate :(
  • I've tried to make up for the chocolate and had a tuna pasta for dinner followed with this lovely sweet dessert
  • Made this to house all my primas - ooh need to buy more just to fill it! :)
Right I'm off - Night night x


  1. Mmmm mergingue ohh lovely. ;)

    Fab altered jar Deanne, great way to store your flowers.

    Debbie x

  2. Again ...pretty & pink!! love it.x.


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