Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Yippee & HS-MS

Last night I finally got my stone and a half award - yippee - we also had our photo took for the fundraising we're doing as a group - I'll post that piccy once its in the paper!! hehe
Just a note to add, we raised £85 in our group for Ellies Trust. So thank you to everyone for that and the bag auction is still on going till Sunday. Check this post for details.
A hundred and one things I want to get done today, I dare say just one will!

HS-MS - Fluff - Soft fibers that accumulate in small clumps
Rileys gorgeous all in one, very fluffy, I was going to use the old tumble dryer fluff - it just looked 'wrong' lol

Short but sweet today - my very very very good friends daughter had her baby girl on Monday, bless her, I'm just as excited and in the process of altering something for her! x


  1. great fluff pic! most photo editing programs have a possibility of adding t ext (it is usually a button with a 'T' on it!
    hope this helps

  2. cute (^_^)

    as Anita said, most have that option. it's either a T or an A to add text. if you have a pc, you already have the Paint program. you can use that too.

  3. Very cute fluff and congrats on the weight loss thingy. ;)

  4. fab additions as usual...and well done on your weight loss....we seem to be doing ok with this slimming world xxx


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