Monday, 31 March 2008


...its feels like thats what I've done today, where as actually I havent stopped.
Been sorting and clearing again! Defo have my spring cleaning head on :)
A starling decided to fall down our chimney this afternoon too! Now for those that know me, know that I am pathetic with stuff like that happening. Now I havent got a problem getting the bird out the fireplace, but I know I'll have a problem getting the bird once its flew off - lol. This is me were talking about - Dippy Dee - lmao.
So Tels Dad got a phonecall and round he came to the rescue of the bird - and happily chirpy cheep cheep flew off out the window - bless him. Cats werent happy though - they were having a little dance at the sound of the birdie and getting their knives and forks ready - Nevermind.
Our tumble dryer has gone to electrical heaven so we've had to order a new one! Back to having laundry over the radiators for awhile! :( and the mega cool desk I'd got is chipped to hell so needs to be sent back and replaced!
See told ya, this is me were talking about - nothing ever goes smoothly.
Right gonna go finish tidying kitchen then do crafting - hopefully.
No pics today just a boring lecture from me I'm afraid.
**Edited to add** A really lovely friend of mine has now started blogging, I met her through Ebay when I purchased some card toppers, feels like moons ago now. She is such a lovely person, you should go check her blog out, and her card toppers they are super duper. She is even more talented as she has her own design dies for sale.. What you waiting for - go her see her here

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  1. Hope you day got better Deanne. :) :)

    Off now to check out your friends blog.

    Debbie x


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