Thursday, 10 April 2008

Oh what a time..

..holidays are so hard sometimes to please everyone and get things done!! Peeps with kids will know exactly what I mean by that!
I've been digging, digging and digging today, pulling out concrete post and trees!! to make way for a new fence in our back garden.
The weathers been so nice today (apart from a few splashes of rain) I even managed to stain the new rabbit hutch (thanks to Freecycle for that)

Riley had a tad bit of an accident earlier, went flying over and smacked his forehead off the tv unit!! Huge egg on his head now, dare say I'll show photo of that tmz!! Bless his ickle head

Treated myself to this finally

wanted it for an age, finally here now - hehehe

Looking at booking a holiday - to Cornwall of course - hehehe very exciting

Thats it from me I'm afraid. x

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