Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hailed on!

Yesterday saw us getting wet at the Country Park! I mean proper soaked through... all good fun though... Today saw me getting hailed on!!! that I would like to add was not fun!

Myself and Cazz saw our little fellas off on their very first Beaver sleepover adventure, they were both very excited although I'm sure Jakes first words to his Mummy will be
'Are you sure you recorded Doctor Who Mummy' Blesssss

Allotment photos to bore you so beware!!!!

Once we'd dropped their kit off, (literally around the corner from me - hehehe) I came home, its a gorgeous sunny afternoon so I toddled off to the allotment, wanted to mark out my first bed and move some more rubbish! The majority of this
came out of this (doesnt look very deep but believe me, it is practically knee deep) can you see how much I still have to dig out!!! Quite frankly I'm sick of the sight of rotting carpet.As I am marking my beds the heavens opened and decided to chuck some hail stones my way... ouch ouch ouch, ran to the metal wall and stood there like a dippy chick until it stopped. Soil was too wet to dig after that!!! So took some photos, marked bed and trundled back to the car!! All in all a crap days work really lol
Nothing a hot shower didnt sort though.

Slowly getting up to date with my 365 days, here is day 93

Thats it from me folks...

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