Thursday, 24 April 2008


but true!
How moments on tv or the radio can throw you back quite a few years.
Tonight something on tv made me not be here for a few moments whilst I was dragged back to a particular part in my life that I care not to go back to too often... but I did, and it made me think of women out there who are still going through those 'moments', and my heart went out to them.
Hugs to those x


  1. Hi Deanne, I don't know what prompted you to go back to something unpleasant, but hugs... hope it hasn't upset you too much. Also, like you... hugs to anyone out there who is going through bad experiences, here's to a happy ending.

  2. It can be quite a bolt when it hits you so unexpectedly. Frightening isn't it when you think what may, or may not, have been?

    {{hugs}} Sue


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