Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I've gone slightly

GREEN - not mad - bet you were thinking that though.
Today has been a day to remember! Ranting wise - shall not go into it but hopefully it shall be dealt with now! Heres hoping.

Jack went back to school today and enjoyed it, couldnt wait to tell me that his teacher was having a baby! At that Riley was been '14mth old naughty' and Jack piped up and said
'Mummy can you have a girl next time and can it be a good girl not a naughty boy like Riley!!' lol
I clearly stated to him that was something not to worry about as there would be no more babies thank you very much, he looked rather disappointed! Tough...

I looked after Lexie baby today, picked her up from nursery whilst me mate Cazz has a job - a paid job - lol - sorry personal giggle there. We had lunch, read a story and played and watched Nick Jr. On thurs hopefully the weather will be as gorgeous as it has been today as I am planning a picnic at the country park for us.

Tonight was phat club night and I lost an amazing 2lb, I did 'try' before the weekend then we had an indian saturday night so !! but I'm pleased with that, slowly will remove what i've put on the last few weeks. I won the raffle, quite a thing for me really lol some lovely mugs and mug shot noodles. I shall not be posting a photo purely as Cazz and Steph laughed and said 'Bet that will be on your blog later'!! I mean...
Rather than leave you with nothing i'll leave you with this - my gorgeous little fella lining up his favourite cars...

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  1. Pah! Wondered how long it would take you to brag!! lol Well done on the 2lb honey...very proud of you! xx


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