Thursday, 3 April 2008


Today was the funeral of my Aunty Judy. It went okay considering, but it hit me more than I to be honest thought it would. I already knew and had this feeling, but when I saw her sons/my cousins break down, I realised again that they have lost their Mum, and a good one she was too - she idolised them.
They wrote a beautiful poem for their Mum which was read today, it was so true and honest it was lovely. I'm so proud of them for that.
I really hugged my boys tonight. I'm their Mummy and so proud of them and I just love and cherish moments like that.

Thank you to my lovely friend for having Riley for me so I could be away for the day, thank you honey - loves ya. x

Thats all I can muster up for today. x


  1. It is so hard when you lose a loved one - heavens I know Deanne. You can never take it al for granted either and showing your family love care and attention is upmost imortant.
    Hope things ease in time for you and yours, take care of them all xx

    Debbie x

  2. Deanne my thoughts are with you it never easy when you lose any loved one but sadly we all have to go through it one day. Make the most of life while you can thats my motto. Big hugs de xxxxx


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