Saturday, 5 April 2008

I have the most -

- pathetic hangover in the world - why you ask!! All I had was 3 (maybe 4!) glasses of wine!!! and I am suffering more than you can imagine, a 14th month old screaming 'ninner' at me isnt helping either - lol
It was a good evening though and one that was needed. The lovely Stefanie cooked a gorgeous five - yes five - course meal,
a ham salad to start with followed by wild mushroom soup! d e l i c i o u s
lemon spaghetti (the best pasta I have tasted in the whole wide world) with chicken
gorgeous and i mean dribbling gorgeous handmade mango icecream with mango sauce - Oh dear god it was delicious
All washed down with wine and after dinner mints and coffee - yummilicious -
I had a lovely evening, so thank you very much indeed Stefanie.
I am going to go and suffer a tad more and then start the Bad Girls online crop which happens to be on this weekend, which happens to tie in nicely with the fact that Tel is working! hehe
Speaking of Bad Girls, my layout in a box got picked for layout of the week and I was squealing with delight when I saw it, so thank you thank you thank you...
Only two more days before the papercraftjunkies e-mag goes live!!!!

Although I do have to remember where I parked my car!!!!

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