Saturday, 3 May 2008

HS-MS is digging!

HS-MS is SPS day today -
Here's my new friend and companion and I am super duper excited about it! Just need to figure out how to use it to its best now!!! lol
My fuji s7000 (hugs to Kirsty) her baby now my baby

Digging away in my allotment this morning, sorting out compost pile and rubbish pile and going back again later to rake rake rake away... must purchase ipod, badly need to listen to tunes whilst working the good life away...

Back laters.. x


  1. Great new friend! Enjoy! Love the angle of the SPS - and the specs too

  2. Enjoy your new camera, I too got a new camera and have no idea how to work the bloomin thing and am too lazy to read up on it - That is soo bad really!! LOL

  3. oohh you lucky girl!, lovely first pic.

  4. Good job, nice angle - have fun with it.

  5. oh man - cool angle and of course COOL CAMERA!
    Im glad you have my baby.
    Ill reply to your email tomoz (just got back from a wedding!)
    Hugs xx


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